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Following fast tracked COVID-19 mRNA vaccine approvals, the industry has been held back by a lack of regulatory clarity for mRNA process development and manufacturing. Despite this, innovations in flexible platform technologies, computational modelling and continuous flow manufacturing are optimising processes to accelerate mRNA manufacturing to aid mRNA applications for personalised medicines and beyond. 

The 2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit Europe has been put together with industry experts to improve and optimise your mRNA sequence design, purification processes, platforms for circular and self-amplifying RNAs, drug product formulation and scale up processes. Join 100+ large pharma, innovative biotech and pioneering academics at Europe’s only industry-led forum to enhance robust process optimisation and scale up for regulatory standards to accelerate routes to market.  

Hot Sessions for 2024:

  • Gain clarity on regulatory quality standards and comparability changes to aid accelerate approval for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines with the MHRA and CureVac
  • Explore continuous platform technologies to accelerate low-cost manufacturing with the University of Sheffield and King's College London
  • Glean insights into purification and computational modelling approaches to optimise downstream processes with case studies from AstraZeneca and Sanofi
  • Harness platform technologies for circular and self-amplifying RNAs to enhance their manufacturability with Janssen R&D and Suzhou CureMed
  • Improve your drug product formulation and manufacturing for mRNA-based personalised medicines with insights from Ethris, GSK and Ziphius Vaccines