Why Partner?

Partnership Opportunities

Looking to work with innovative biopharma seeking solutions to advance their RNA production, process development and manufacturing strategies for mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics?

The mRNA space is rapidly advancing as industry leaders are racing to optimise and streamline mRNA-based vaccine and therapeutic platforms. We partner with cutting-edge solution and service providers with capabilities in high throughput sequencing, plasmid and DNA synthesis, process development, purification, analytics, manufacturing, and scale up to elevate your brand amongst key thought leaders in the industry.

If you offer relevant services and would like to align your company with the mRNA space, contact us to discuss a bespoke commercial package to promote your brand at this year's 2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit Europe in Frankfurt. 

What Can You Gain?

Uncover the Next Market Trend 

Dive into the mRNA landscape and with uncover the next therapeutic application by engaging with pharmaceutical leaders looking for services and solutions to address hurdles hindering their process development, scale up and manufacturing

Brush Shoulders with Industry Pioneers

Connect directly with regulatory bodies and decision-makers in the industry to enhance your network and address the needs of industry pioneers

Raise Your Brand Awareness

Elevate your brand's visibility at this exclusive forum, showcasing your solutions and services to key European biopharma companies pioneering the industry

Generate Commercial Collaborations

Forge and secure impactful commercial collaborations that align with your business objectives, by proactively engaging with your company wish list of choice in advance to the summit

Get Involved - Contact Us Today

If you have relevant expertise and would like to align your brand within the mRNA field, contact us to promote your capabilities through a bespoke commercial package. Email sponsor@hansonwade.com to request more information.